After the recent raise in Cricket viewership and other sports in India, people who watch sports tend to bet on their favourite teams and for that they are using online betting apps and methods rather than traditional betting methods but most of the betters loosing their bets due to blind bets, they directly bet on a team or a sportsperson if they are favourites and loose their hard earned money.

Our Mission:

As we are one of them who lost our money due to blind bets and got great success after we spent our most of the time on betting research, we have enough of knowledge to guide people on the best platforms to bet, best tips to gain money e.t.c and so we decided to help bettors by launching our own review website called Reddyexchange.net, through which we help people to gain knowledge on how to bet, which apps to choose, methods to follow to be safe while betting e.t.c

There are several portals on the internet that will give you tons of information, but we are the ones who don’t like to mislead our readers. We stick to the basic plan of the leading cricket betting portal which helps the bettors to find the best betting and gambling apps to place their (Cricket) bets.

Our Team: 

Myself Reddy, founder of Reddyexchange, Being a master in business administration I’m very good at analytical skills and understanding of the pattern of business. Because of my analytical skills, from the very beginning, I was having the upper hand and had a winning streak For the last 8 years at both of these gambling games.

I was thinking of creating this site for the last 5 years but I was not sure if betting advice is really that effective or not then I started advising my friend and that turned out to give good results for them and so finally I have decided to devote my time and experience to try & teach online betters across India. 

If you have any suggestions with regard to the Quality of content please feel free to contact Sekhar Gupta [Sr. Writer] and Nikhil Chauhan [Jr. Writer]

Sekhar Gupta – [Editor, Writer & Researcher]

I’m a big fan of cricket & other sports and has watched almost all the matches and has a profound knowledge of betting. Out of experience, I am saying this no matter how much you have the data you can’t understand the real essence of any sport if you haven’t played it. He played cricket at a high level in college and still plays regularly.

Not only playing cricket but I can identify tendencies and rhythms of any game which helps me to make predictions. I’m in this writing field for the last 6 years and I believe, that I’m the right person to ask for advice about betting tips and guidance.

Nikhil Chauhan – [Jr. Editor & Writer]

Myself Nikhil, a full time content writer and I have been into this betting & casino industry writing since 3 years with over 1000+ articles on Cricket, Football, Tennis, Horse Race and many other sports written and published over various budding and well established brands around the world.

Being in this industry for so long, i have been able to identify which team performs well during a match and I’m well versed with betting & casino tips which helps me to guide readers on successful bets on any sports.

Not only betting tips and apps suggestions, but we also provide any bonus, cashback, news updates and other information on betting industry.

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